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We offer a wide range of services at USA Mortgage. From conventional loans to jumbo and reverse mortgage loans, we have a product to fit your needs.

FHA Loans

An FHA loan is a federal assistance mortgage loan in the United States insured by the Federal Housing Administration. The loan may be issued by federally qualified lenders.

VA Loans

A mortgage where the Veteran's Administration provides assistance to veterans of the United States Armed Forces by partially guaranteeing loans to veterans with low or zero down payments.

Conventional Loans

Loans offered through entities such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (<= $417,000 on a single family residence) and can be either fixed or adjustable rate.

Rural Development loan (RD)

The Guaranteed RD program was designed to bridge the gap between government and private mortgage lending which had existed in many rural areas.  This is a NO down payment, 100% loan where closing costs may be included in the loan up to the appraised value. There is no monthly mortgage insurance premium on this 30 year fixed rate program, possibly resulting in a lower monthly payment.

Jumbo Loans

Loans above $417,000 on a single family residence and can be either fixed or adjustable rate.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Your principal and interest never change on a fixed rate loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

A loan that normally begins several percentage points below a fixed rate and may change during the life of the loan.  This program may allow you to buy a more expensive home.

Interest Only Loans

Interest Only programs normally offer a lower payment than a traditional fixed rate loan and may allow you to purchase a more expensive home.  The interest only feature is usually for the first 10-15 years, thereafter amortizing like a normal traditional mortgage for the balance of the mortgage.

Alternative Loans

Loans (fixed or adjustable) are available for buyers or properties that do not fit the Conventional, FHA or VA box at competitive rates and ltv’s.

Temporary Interest Rate Buydowns

The most popular temporary interest rate buydown is a 2/1 buydown.  This program gives the borrower a reduced interest rate for the first two years of the mortgage even though they are on a fixed rate mortgage.

Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage allows an individual 62 years of age or older to unlock the equity in their home and turn it into income without ever having to make another mortgage payment the rest of their lives as long as they occupy the home (available for purchase or refinance). Find out more on our dedicated Reverse Mortgages page.

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